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Construction Progress Update – Week Ending 04/21/17

Construction Progress Update – Week Ending 04/21/17



    Stucco on High Roof complete, Balcony Stucco continues

    Drywall stud framing continued through the 17th floor

    Completed plastering on the ceilings of the 17th floor

    Completed top track installation done through 17th floor

    Fire riser main is up to level 19th floor, Rough in sprinkler lines going in on the 17th floor

    Masonry walls in progress up to the roof Level, stairwells and elevator fronts also in progress

    Continued waterproofing on the 19th floor

    Plumbing rough in completed on the 12th floor

    Mechanical duct completed on Level 16, working on 17

    Electricians completed Rough inspections up to 16th floor

    Elevators in progress

    Lightweight being installed on roof

    Tower Crane Removal next week

Take a whole new look at VistaBlue. Aerials of the progress as of March 22nd.